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Welcome to the new normal where health and wellness are our #1 priority. Michele Krause and Emma Doyle (affectionately known as the EM & M SHOW) have put together a 3-week home wellness program combining their strengths in fitness and mindset solutions. The short workouts are designed to boost your energy (30 mins maximum) and the mindset tips help you with your balance your energy. The sessions add value to your tennis and sporting development, ultimately unleashing your potential on and off the court.

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The 5 mindset tips each week have been designed to help bring balance into your world.

ENERGY Movement

The workouts have been designed to give you a 20 minute energy boost that can be carried out anywhere, any time.


Check out the EM & M Show Magnitude questions for you to reflect on your own life.

Why do we need a weekly energy boost?

Life is amazing and often busy and complicated. Everyone can use an energy boost, to help get them through the day, re-set the brain and get those endorphins going with some physical activity. 

Testimonial -
Matt O-Brien, Melbourne, Australia

"I’ve watched all 50 episodes of EM & M SHOW and it has added some much needed direction and quality to my life. Your reach has been far. The 20-minute weekly workouts have provided me with some inspiration and motivation. Thank you Michele and Emma for impacting the Community with your energy and enthusiasm. I can't wait to see what is next for the EM & M SHOW." 

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