A collaboration made for the court.

At InTENNSity Fitness, we provide innovative education and programming designed for tennis and fitness instructors, to serve your client's ongoing fitness needs.
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Why inTENNSity Fitness for Instructors?

Michele Krause, founder of inTENNSity Fitness, knows the challenge of keeping the game fresh and meeting the ongoing fitness needs of her clients. Now you can take advantage of her expertise and offer your clients the best in tennis fitness integration programs that take your more traditional cardio tennis programming up a notch.

Gain The Advantage

Serve-up cardio-focused tennis programming to your clients with High Intensity Tennis Training (HITT) classes.

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Ace Education

Our engaging online educational courses will help you boost your client relationships with new, fun ways to hit and get fit.

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Get In The Game

Improve your coaching skills with youth, high school teams, and adults, and learn how to manage large groups on the court.

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Michele Krause instructing inTENNSity Fitness class

"When it comes to comes to tennis offerings highlighting fitness, Michele is possibly one of the best in the world. Under her leadership, she has bridged the gap between tennis and fitness in a fun and action paced environment."

Ajay Pant, National Tennis Director at Lifetime Clubs


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