The inTENNSity Workout

A boutique fitness experience with a focus on social, fun and teamwork

All ability and fitness levels welcome and there is no tennis skill required. Just bring a willingness to move and an open mind, and you're all set!

  • Burn massive calories
  • Challenging skill development and cross training for all sports
  • Benefits new and advanced players
  • Orange Ball approach provides a total mind-body engagement experience

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What You Can Expect From inTENNSity?

The most fun and intense workout you will get on the court or in the gym

Group Heart Rate Training

This class is all about training in your heart rate zones. Players get into the zones quickly due to the fun factor and the physicality of striking a tennis ball combined with multi-directional movement and movement throughout the three anatomical body planes. 

Using heart rate technology helps the instructor keep the athletes safe, is motivating and keeps athletes accountable. 

High Intensity Tennis Training Starts Here

10 Minutes

Get your body and brain talking with our tennis-focused, dynamic warm-up. 

10 Minutes

Understand the strokes with drill-style activities and start working your heart.

30 Minutes

Time for fun & games! Non-stop activity with some good clean fun to get your heart pumping.

5 Minutes

Cool down to safely bring the heart rate down.

We use "inTENNSifiers" throughout the class when players are on deck and as a group to maximize calorie burn.